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Ahh - college...

Only seriously!

My Favorite Sonnet

Saying good-bye

Every Day Fiction book released!

Z is for Zen

Y ask Why?

X is for X-ray Vision

W is for WIP

V is for Viagra

This is for you U my followers :)

T is for Timberlake

S is for Slacker

R is for Ridiculous

Q is for Quandary

P is for Pain

O is for Oh My Gosh It's #themightydarinkennedy

N is for Narnia

M is for Mayhem

L is for Lipitor

K for is Kitty

J is for Junkie

I for ME!

H is for Hilarious! Saturday Night Live - Digital Short: Ronnie and Clyde - Video -

G is for Goals

F is for fluoxetine

E is for Experience

D is for Drugs

C is for Computers

B is for Buble :)

A is for AIM

Free Query Critique

Gearing Up for April!

Interview with Joe Fraser:WisRWA Fab 5 Coordinator

Brian Regan makes me laugh :)

If you read "Hunger Games" - you'll love this!

Blood Bound Books releases Season in the Abyss!

Marriage of Broadway and Saturday Night Live

Welcome to my world people, welcome to my world!

Anthology Cover Art

Who do you do for YOU??